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Drass, Jammu & Kashmir

The town of Drass, 60 km west of Kargil on the road to Srinagar, is located at an altitude of 3,300 m in a relatively flat and open space in the centre of a valley. It has extensive willow groves along the river. In winter it is covered with a thick blanket of snow. Drass experiences the lowest temperatures in the Ladakh valley and is said to be the second coldest inhabited place in Asia. The mercury may drop to as low as 40 degrees Celsius below freezing point, and communication with the outside world is often completely cut off. During the spring and summer, however, the valley around the township becomes very picturesque as the gently undulating hillsides turn into lush green pastures splashed with a variety of fragrant wild flowers.

But during summer season the tracts around Drass present a pleasant pastoral sight, offering a complete contrast to the savage face worn by it during the winter months. In this area the dialect spoken is named after the weather - "Hambabs" means snowfall.

The fields around Drass are cultivated for both cereals and cash crops. Drass has a number of monasteries and a small bazaar. It is connected to other parts of Ladakh by road.

Tourist Information:-
All tourists to Ladakh, traveling from Srinagar by road are required to register themselves at the Tourist Registration Centre at Drass.

How to get there:-
Buses plying between Srinagar and Kargil/Leh touch Drass. Local buses leave Kargil in the morning and afternoon for Drass.