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Ambala, Harayana

Ambala also spelt as 'Umbala' is located in the northeastern state of Haryana, just east of the Ghaggar River. It is widely believed that Ambala; the meeting point of the hills and plains was founded in the 14th century by one Amba Rajput. A major grain, cotton and sugar trade centre, Ambala is a major pilgrim centre for the Sikhs and is known basically for its shrines.

One of India's largest military cantonments, which also houses a commercial centre and an airfield, lies 4 miles southeast. Economically important industries include cotton ginning, flour milling, food processing, and various manufactures. Cloth weaving and bamboo-furniture making are important handicrafts.

Travel Information:-
Air :-
Ambala Airport is connected to the city.
Rail :-
There are frequent trains to New Delhi, Chandigarh.

Road :-
Ambala is connected by road with Delhi and Amritsar.