cuisines, north india

North Indian :-Food Bread is more commonly eaten than rice. The omnipresent chappati is the common man's dish. Nan is kind of a luxury and is preferred eaten with tandoori food. Another variety of rich bread is parantha which is prepared of wheat flour and is relished by almost everyone. Since most of the Indian restaurants abroad serve Tandoori food, the foreigners are more familiar with it. Tandoori chicken or mutton is a barbecued food which is spiced and marinated in yoghurt. Tandoori chicken with a nan, green salad and a dessert is a dish which the tourists cannot resist. Tandoori food is not very spicy and is very similar to western cooking. In Delhi, many varieties of meat kababs are available like the Boti Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Pasinda Kabab. The other delicacies of the Northern Indian cuisine are biryani which is a dish made of rice, saffron and marinated lamb or chicken. Pulao is a slightly less complicated version of biryani. There is another exciting version - sweet pulao made with rice, coconut, almonds, mangoes and papayas.

Besides tandoori food, the other choices available are Rogan Josh, lamb curry, Kofta, Korma or Do-Piaza. Do Piaza is made with lots of onions, Korma is particularly rich and Koftas are curry along with small balls of meat. The large Koftas have a stuffing of boiled eggs. North Indian meal is also accompanied with dal (lentil soup). For the vegetarian lovers, this cuisine offers several dishes like Panner, Sag Paneer (cheese with spinach), Bharta, a delicious vegetable made from egg plant and several other dishes combining cauliflower, potatoes and other similar vegetables. The dessert mainly includes kheer, firni (pudding) or halwa. Since Kashmiri food has also been influenced by Mughlai food, so there are many varieties of meat dishes especially lamb dishes, and is spicier as compared to other typical North Indian dishes.