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North India Buddhist Packages

This Package Exclusively design for the people who want explore the world of Buddhism tradition and culture.

Buddhist Package-1 » 8 Nights & 9 Days
Delhi  Lucknow  Sravasti  Lumbini  Kushinagar  Rajgir  Bodhgaya  Lumbini  Kushinagar  Rajgir  Bodhgaya  Varanasi  Delhi.
Buddhist Package-2 » 9 Nights & 10 Days
Delhi  Patna  Bodhgaya  Varanasi  Kushinagar  Lumbini  Kathmandu.
Buddhist Package-3 » 12 Nights & 13 Days
Mumbai  Aurangabad  Bhopal  Agra  Varanasi   Bodhgaya  Patna  Gorakhpur  Balrampur  Lucknow  Delhi.
Buddhist Package-4 » 10 Nights & 11 Days
Delhi  Gonda  Sarawasti  Lumbini  Kushinagar  Patna  Bodhgaya  Varanasi  Kanpur  Agra.
Buddhist Package-5 » 07 Nights & 08 Days
Delhi  Gonda  Sarawasti  Lumbini  Kushinagar  Varanasi  Bodhgaya.
Buddhist Package-6 » 08 Nights & 09 Days
Delhi  Sarawasti  Lumbini  Kushinagar  Patna  Bodhgaya  Varanasi  Delhi.